How Long have you Been in Business?
  We started Since March 2012 and online on August 2016

 Who is qualified for a membership?
Becoming a member with Contingent Investment doesn't require any special requirements . All individual,organizations, corporate bodies,companies who can afford the lowest initial investment capital is qualified to be a member irrespective of your age, occupation or location.

 What is the minimum initial investment capital?
The Minimum Investment Capital is $200.00 USD which turns $5,000 USD in 4 days

We also have special offer from time to time, to encourage students and people with low financial strength.

Is the 4 days a Calendar day or business days ?
Our 4 days are calendar days, as we open 24hours

 How do I pay for my Membership?

Membership is free,all you do is deposit your initial Investment with Contingent Investment.

 How can I send my initial investment money to Contingent Investment ?

Our payment department determine the method of payment at every point in time.
We accept : Perfect Money , Payeer , Bitcoin,

Do I get a Receipt or any Paper Work?

Yes: At Contingent Investment , all Paperwork relating to your Investment will be given to you, Vip Investment agreement and More.

Who manages the funds ?

All funds are managed by a selected profound management team of Contingent Investment , then immediately start investing funds into various Portfolios which deem as profitable as selected.

Can I re-invest with my returns?
Yes. Contingent Investment allows investors to re-invest even with all their returns or part of it as per investor's decision with same maximum benefits and trust

 How will my Money be invested?

All funds are pooled together, and invested into the same exact investments that we have in our portfolios.  We would never invest any of your money into anything we are not invested in ourselves; we are into the business to make money, so we won’t do anything that makes us loose Money.

 Is my Investment Safe and Secured?
      All Investment are Insured. However, it is very important that you know and understand that we are real investors and traders and we invest member’s funds on major investments.  To get the returns we do, we maximize our investments by investing in high yield, high-risk investments.  Though our returns are good, and consistent, there is always risk involved in all business but we do our best and make things work out for good and in other hand the insurance covers your investments.  Keep in mind; we do not make money, if you do not.  We are in business to make money, and we have a great track record .

How and when will I see a Return on my Investment? 
 You can see your returns daily by the help of our website, where you can track your investment,.

How do i get my RETURNS?

Your returns will be transfer into your e-currency account which deposited from.

You can also use your American Express card at the ATM